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Netherlands Dating Apps | Chat and Meet New People

Netherlands dating apps

Having as many as possible Netherlands Dating Apps is so cool. Gladly, it is the easiest way to get connected to beautiful girls or handsome men of your dream. Anything can certainly make you need to start finding friends from Netherlands for dating.

You may just successfully relocated to the country to be a citizen, for a business, to study or to catch some fun. For whatever reason you have, downloading and installing dating apps on your android phone are the best means of getting new friends.

Why Do You Need Netherlands Dating Apps

Confusion may be in your mind regarding why you need apps while you can just join Dutch dating sites. Yes,  there are some Dutch great dating sites that work well. But taking from experience, chatting with apps is easier than chatting on websites.

For instance, there is:

  • Chances of Instant Notifications

There is a chance of receiving messages notifications rightly delivered to your phone while you're actually doing something else on the phone. Unfortunately, this is what you may not be able to get while chatting with website.

  • Receiving Matching Friends Suggestions 

Luckily, as you can have friends suggestions on normal dating sites, you can also have it on Netherlands dating apps. When you need to meet friends from Netherlands, you just need to change your personal location to the country so that you can have as many as possible fresh friends suggestions delivered to you without searching.

  • Possibility of Searching for Matching Friends Personally

Aside the automatic suggestions, you can personally search people in line with their age, interests, career, beliefs, goals. After that, you may decide to engage in interaction with them based on your interest.

  • Getting Soulmate Based on Location 

Majority of Netherlands dating apps detect your location automatic and send you good friends suggestions. And all the suggestions will be from the current location of yours. In that regard, you don't have to make any change to your location, still you may be opportune to get to your soulmate.

What A Netherlands Dating App Requires

  • One Time Easy Registration 

In fact, no dating site is available that won't require registration. Once you are a new user, you are bound to register and fill in your details.

  • Sincere Profile Information 

Followed by registration, it is mandatory that you give details as regards your personal profile. Without that, no one may accept to be your friend even from any country. Therefore, the same thing is applicable to any Netherlands dating application you may download.

  • Attractive Profile Picture 

Along with your profile information, your picture is important. That is common to all social medias in the world. The picture will show you to anyone who needs dating as you do and convince them to follow you up. Mostly, it attracts suitors with ease. At times, your pending friends won't be able to go through the information on your profile. Uploaded profile picture will do the major work.

Top 5 Netherlands Dating Apps

Given below are the suggested and recommended apps to fulfill your desires of meeting new Netherlands love partner. They are all tested and trusted.

Netherlands dating apps

Easily with this perfect Netherlands dating app, you can enjoy chatting and Dating, find sincere lover or meet beautiful and handsome people and friends from anywhere in Netherlands.

You don't have to worry, the app will associate you with those interesting and smart people nearby where you stay. From this point, you save your energy from looking for people to relate with.

From Amsterdam, Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and from all over Netherlands, people can be your friends. With time, you may agree on meeting physically.

After installing the Dutch Chat app, users can do the following:

  • Setting up of a attention catching Profile that shows who is on board. 

  • Getting Nearby Chatters and Lovers that will show you evidences of true friendship.

  • Making friends and business partners if that's your own mission for wanting to download Netherlands dating apps. With this android apk, you can easily convert friends to active business partners.

  • Provision has been made for easy uploading of your favorite photos to serve as profile picture. Understanding of usefulness of photo in profile is clear as it makes the profile looks more attractive.

  • Ability to search for people you think you know personally. In case you remember name of one of your old friends and you can't do but locating the person, just type his/her name in the search box. Then, you should wait for magic as the returning results will surprise you.

  • You have active chance to look for who liked you or anyone who may have visited your profile. Knowing this will enable you to get more followers suggestions.

  • You would like to know the kind of gifts you send or receive while using this app.

  • Won't it please you if you find out that here is another one among the great dating apps in Netherlands that make notifications for messages and new chats delivered to your phone? Anyway, that is the fact about Dutch Chat & Netherlands Dating.

  • Also, no difficulty in terms of upgrading your profile from time to time.

  • Lastly, it's totally FREE to use. No cost or subscription before using. Just sign up and get moving.  All you need after signing up is updating your profile, upload a picture and start adding friends. That way, you create a circle of chatting and friendship for yourself. Keep enjoying!

Netherlands dating apps

The Chatef Dutch Chat & Dating App is awesome when it comes to chat and dating within Netherlands vicinity. It is an app developed for everyone in the country and outside to find lover nearby and far.

On the dating app, you get full access to:

  •  engage in love chat with other members around your vicinity or outside of your city.

  • ability to find out who who liked you and those who stopped by on your profile to check what you have there.

  • chance to find love of your dream without much stress.

  • get straight real time notifications or alerts on your phone when new message or friend request comes in.

  • saving your preferable members as favorites so that you can talk to them any time without searching for them here and there.

  • sending your friends gifts and receiving the same from them.

  • searching for other people whose names you know off hand.

And lots more.

Netherlands dating apps

Europe Dating is another amazing dating apk that really works well for any single to meet a soulmate. Any of the soulmate you meet may become your wife or husband in the long run. It all depends on how smart and intelligent you play your game of love.

Features of The Dating & Chatting Apk

Using this app, you're firmly entitled to enjoy:

  • a safe curious European secured unlimited dating and chatting.

  • free chatting to make cute friends that can be girlfriend or boyfriend of your dreams.

  • possibility of meeting friends even outside Netherlands. There is chance of getting friends from other European countries because this app designed not for only Dutch but for the entire Europe. In other words, singles from anywhere in the continent can locate and decide to connect with you.  Is that not too much fun?

  • creating a simple and fast, interesting and attractive dating profile for FREE Netherlands chat.

  • uploading photos from your phone with ease to set up your profile picture and people's attention.

  • sending of unlimited daily free messages and free Dutch / European chats.

  • advertisement free Dutch and European social dating. This application doesn't show any disgusting ads that discouraged some app users.

  • getting real time push notifications delivered to your phone either for new chat, ongoing chat.

  • absolutely free from subscription costs for using this European social app for any of the purposes.

If you are satisfied with the features of this Netherlands Dating App, you can go ahead and download it below.

Netherlands dating apps

This is another awesome app for dating in Netherlands. It works like magic in connecting you with those who you will really love. App that free from embarrassment or disappointment is Dutch Chat Netherlands Dating. Rejoice if you want an app that allows new message notification, auto search of nearby match people, accurate friends suggestions and many more.

Limitations of Dating Apps 

  • No Guarantee for True Information 

We can't guarantee that all pieces of information you see on your friends profile are real. Note that some will only put what they like there different from who they are. Therefore, you should be vigilant in how you release information about yourself. Try to hesitate whenever someone requires any of your confidential information.

  • No Guarantee of Ads Free for All The Apps 

We should consider the fact that no one develops app just for no reason. And it should be noted that one of those reasons is for financial gain. As of this moment, placing ads on one's app is a way of getting income. So, as long as you are chatting using dating app, you're bound to agree with terms and conditions given by the chatting app developer. In other words, ads may display on any of the apps. 

  • Chats Activities Monitoring 

For the reasons best known to them, the apps developers have right to monitor users' chats history. Though, this may not go down well with the users to have it in mind that their messages are being monitored by unidentifiable person.

As a matter of fact, we can identify some reasons why those developers have to be at alert over what the users of their apps are saying.

Reasons Why Apps Developers Monitor Users Activities 

  1. They may monitor users' chatting activities in order to minimize internet fraud. Since chatting and making friends on Netherlands dating apps is powered by the internet, it is easy for anyone to scam someone else.
  2. Need for stopping those who are giving fake identify to mislead others who honest. 

  • Only for Matured Internet Users

Some of the apps states that only persons that are 18 years upwards are to chat date with the app.

Now Over To You 

Definitely, almost every android phone support all the listed Netherlands dating apps. Which means, there is nothing stopping you from installing any of the apps so as to enhance friends making experience. 


Download Hacked Games iOS No Jailbreak - The Best Trick

download hacked games iOS

If you really need to Download Hacked Games iOS no jailbreak absolutely for free, let me bid you welcome. You've come to a right page where you will discover the working tips download and install paid games without paying a dime.

At this juncture, it is not a bad idea if we talk about what hacked games means. Many people may not understand why these games are being called hacked games. But, the meaning is clear to some extent.

What It Means to Download Hacked Games IOS No Jailbreak or Install Paid App for Free 

So naturally, all games or apk files being addressed as hacked games or apk are files that you cannot just say you want to download. It is not like you do from Google Play Store,  or Apple Store. Any interested game lover who needs any of the hacked games or apps must make purchase it.

There is a hacked games App Store designed particularly for free hacked games for iPhone or any other android devices of your choice. Mind you, any App Store or website must have the files on their stores as 3rd party apps.

Ordinarily, downloading free stuff, all is required of you is to get internet connection. With just that, you can get files installed for free from stores.

Moreover, the case is different when talking about hacked games or paid app.  Internet connection or Wi-Fi has not set to be everything you need to get the developers' products installed on your mobile device.

They are actually paid games which are not easy to get without making payments for them. After inventing the games,  the game developers will be expecting get incomes from the files.

That is why turn them to paid games. Because of that, downloading them from apps store will take take something from your pocket. I mean money.

The reality is that,  not all gamers even YouTube gamers want to pay for the apps or games. Still, they want them for free of charge. That is why you need this post of my tutorial on how to download hacked games.

We all know that games like these have gone far being popular. It therefore makes tips to get get them downloaded freely become famous among the trends without number. Especially searching by those who have passion for entertainment and fun drawing from games in USA and any other European countries.

Games are different from one another depending on either they are paid or not paid for. Specially, features make them differently from one another. Here, they are categorised based on their works and interest of the game developers. At the end, it is left for a gamer to decide whether he wants hacked games or free games.

But notwithstanding, premium games are preferable considering their level.

Why Users Prefer to Download Hacked Games IOS No Jailbreak 

  • Exciting Features on iOS Hack Game No Jailbreak 

Majority of games that are hacked have exiting features. Talking about getting unlimited emotional ease, games always be a source. In real time, paid games hold superb hallmarks that gamers will like to enjoy while playing games.

Being passionate about games is nothing when features of the game file is of no standards. Adequately, hacked Games are not disappointing in this area as they have splendid satisfaction.

  • High Upgrade 

Regarding upgrading and being premium,  comparing paid games with free games becomes impossible. Those games that you are to pay for before having access to them come with high upgrade that surpass those free ones. This why we do say that advanced games are for the advanced people or premium games are for premium gamers .

  • Timely Upgrades 

Normally, when an app developer create and apps and upload them online for user to download, these users supposed to be expecting new features - upgrade. This might from time to time as a result of changes that's constant in the world of fun.

  • Absence of Annoying Ads

In other way round, free games can possibly come with annoying ads that displays on home screen. It doesn't matter if you are using iPhone iPad,  iPod touch or iOS 12. Ads like these unfortunately discourages game players. Why? Because it might show up at the point in time that a player is enjoying his or her moment. Though, if it's free and doesn't need an internet connection, no ads will come up.

How To Enjoy The Amazing Features and Get Free Hacked Games for IPhone 

It is no longer new to anyone that hacked games are known as paid games. This is probably because their inbuilt features or characteristics cannot be given out for free.

Knowing about the features of hacked games is completely nothing if users that can't afford to purchase them don't have chance to download them.

As a result,  we reveal the tip that works well right here and now to you. The trick will help you to install hacked games iOS without paying a dime. Means you will be generally able to download any paid apk for free on your iOS 11.4,  iOS 12, iPod touch,  iPhone iPad or any Android phone..

What Do You Need To Download Hacked Games for Android Free

For you to get drawn towards the chance of downloading the paid games and apps, you must first and foremost get IPA library installed on your iOS. This is a 

The library is like a store that contains almost if not all hacked games you may be searching for online. It has an handful packs of IPA files for download. 

Other platforms from where you can get the similar functions as IPA are tweaked apps such as Vshare,  Tweak Box and Appvalley.  These work wonderfully well. 

IPA library As The Most Priority to Download & Install  Any of the Hacked Games for iOS No Jailbreak?

This is because it is the one that can save your time for it is the most secure and easy to use. That is why it goes ahead Vshare,  Appvalley and Tweak Box as the list mentioned above.

But the only limitation is that you may encounter difficulty while trying to download the app on new iOS version. Though it works well on iOS 11.4.

Similarly, you must go ahead first to download the IPA library app as required before you can download paid app free. 

You will with this be able to download hacked games and paid apps free without jailbreak.

It is the fact that the new iOS version has included a new feature. The feature doesn't allow the apps to work for free downloading of any of those paid apps.

Download Hacked Games on iOS no Jailbreak in Just 5-Step

  • 1st Step: Copy the Link

Copy and paste the link into your browser: . It is for website from which you're to download IPA Library.  This will get you started. Even, with the procedure to download any hacked games or app you want now or later on your iOS devices. 

Therefore,  on the website,  you will find a button which its colour is blue.  In the button,  words written there is in another language that you may not understand.

Click on the button which will immediately bring you a small popup.  On this,  you're to hip "allow" so that you can be directed to the settings. That is where you will get access to install needed profiles on your iOS devices. 

See the image below:

download hacked games iOS

  • 2nd Step: Open IPA Library

After you complete the step one,  you should click allow which has to open IPA library for you. In the library,  you are to receive the available options as including Apps,  Games and Download Manager. 

These apps and games are paid apps that no-one can find on playstore let alone installing them.  No one can have access to download them from the playtore for free if they are there.

Anyone who wants to get them must pay online.

That is why they are called hacked games apps but with this tip,  you will get them completely free. 

Then, about the Download Manager. It is the store that includes all the hacked games and apps that have their installations completed and successful already. 

Since,  it is app hacked games that you are targeting to download on your iOS,  click on games.

Then proceed to search for your favorite games. If it is app you want,  click on app to proceed to its installations.

You head to Download Manager only when you want to check those apps or games that you have successfully installed. 

Start the installation of the file you want. 

download hacked games iOS

While installing the app,  don't interrupt but allow it to finish its processes of installation.

  • 3rd Step: Discover Name of the Enterprise Developer 

Once you see it successfully installed,  trying to open the app will be impossible.  Why?  You are yet to give her new app permission to access your iOS or phone.

What do you need to do?  It is simple. Go and search for the enterprise developer of the game or app so as to find out his name.  Failure to get this,  you won't be able to find the profile needed easily.

What do you do to get this? 

Just tap on it.  Then, a popup will show up where you are going to see the name of the enterprise developer. This is exactly what you are searching for.

  • 4th Step: Do The Whole Settings 

The next step is to head to "settings", click on "General" from the settings options. Then from General,  click on Profile & Device Management.

Simply  Settings > General > Profile & Device Management.

  • 5th Step: Trust 

In downloading hacked games iOS,  the last step is to click on "trust" from the popup that comes up so as to get your game or app verified and its developer trusted.  That is all. 

Wrapping Everything Up about Free Hacked Games for IPhone 

Using the method above,  you get no worry for jailbreak as their no human verification. With your efforts,  you just need to turn the hacked games to games for free.

In 2020, download hacked games iOS no jailbreak is no longer a problem in USA once you have this tips.  Which means you now have the cause to enjoy yourself to the last. 

Snapwire Android Apk Download Version 1.7.1 - A Marketplace To Sell Photos

Snapwire apk sell photos get paid

Aside on Selflerry, you can also get paid for your amazing and authentic photos you share on Snapwire apk. 

What Is Snapwire?

Snapwire apk helps every photographer to connect his ambition with money making bid. You work as a photographer and earn cool money with what you do. 

How Snapwire Apk Earns You Cool Money

On Snapwire android application, users get chance to partake in real-time, paid photo Requests and Challenges or Contests.

You can also Download Snapwire Apk and start selling your photos directly from your own portfolios. This is possible with growing stock photo Marketplace built by this app.

As a result, take Snapwire as your home for selling all your creative photography and smile to bank.

Snapwire Apk Downloading Details 

App Offered by: Snapwire Media, Inc 

Date of Release: January 20, 2015

Version: 1.7.1

Last Updated: February 25, 2019


Related App that can also fetch you money just for taking pictures and sell is Selflerry Apk. Click here to find out how it work.

Making money online is not just an assumption but a profitable reality. Download Snapwire Apk sell your photos and get paid without any delay.

Selflerry Apk Latest Version Download - Earn Money Sharing Photos, Videos, and Streams

download Selflerry apk

The fact that your phone is expensive should be a good reason for you to download Selflerry apk latest version and install on your phone. The purpose is to make money sharing photos or pictures you take with the app.

It is more or less like the app that you get paid for unlocking your phone when it's installed on the phone.

This especially when your phone camera is very good and clear. Why would you just be taking pictures for nothing why you can earn some money for doing so?

Due to my experience, it's not only ladies that are taking shots here and there, guys too are doing such. So, this can be turned to a money making mission accomplished. With Selflerry app, you can monetize your photos taking hobby.

What Is Selflerry?

Selflerry is a social platform meant for monetization of visual content such as pics, photo, video, streamed video. Once you get a new shot, just go ahead and upload it to SELFLLERY and smile to bank to withdraw money.

What Types of Photos or Pictures Are Accepted

There is no need for you to bother about what type of pictures can earn you money. Selfies, food pics, old photos, nature, landscapes, life moments, art, or black and white pictures and so on are more than being okay.

More for You: Download Netherlands Dating Apps to Find Love 

Do you also know that it doesn't matter if the photos are portraits, full shows or snapshots. If you still have photos or your wedding day, birthday or naming ceremonies share them with friends and followers on Selflerry and make money.

How Selflerry APK Latest Version Works for Money Making 

There are many ways through which you earn rewards of money in form of Cryptocurrency that is called SLY tokens. 

The five major ways are explained below:

  • Earning From Likes

There is a huge reward for getting likes on your posts. When you post a picture and share it to your followers and the like it, you earn. You don't really need to persuade anyone to like your posts. Your posts can speak for themselves and earn tokens for you.

  • Earning From Sharing Photos

Here comes the reason business on Selflerry. There is no difficulty in sharing any visual content on the app. As mentioned earlier, you users can share any of their photos, videos, live-streams.

  • Earning From Your Every Active Activity on Selflerry

Engaging and partaking in all social activities within Selflerry platform makes your rate grow and increase. The result of this is influencing positively your SLY tokens coefficient.

  • Earning From Photos Quests

Quests without number are getting attention of Selflerry users on daily basis. Yes, there are many photo quests that go with valuable and tangible rewards. You too can partake in it after you download Selflerry app.

  • Earning From Photo Contests

Similarly, many contests have been held for users to participate uploading and sharing their most amazing, beautiful, original photos. Download Selflerry apk now and participate in photo contests, to win prizes.

Features of Selflerry Apk Latest Version

Sequence to what this app developer has designed it for, there is still some hope in form of promise that users will be having opportunity to sell their photos in Selflerry stock photo gallery.

What Selflerry Cryptocurrency - SLY Tokens Are Used For

There is absolutely no point in deciding to accumulate SLY tokens without knowing how to turn it to local or favorite type of money. As a result, here are ways of converting or using the tokens:

  • Through Blockchain

We are now in the world of digital currency. This is the type of money that is generalized to everyone in the world. You must have heard about blockchain, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). They are other and similar forms of cryptocurrency.

Try Also: Install Snapwire Apk To Start Selling Your Pictures for Cash 

After you have accumulated some SLY tokens, you can spend them as you wish on the platform or withdraw them to your Ethereum wallet.

  • Through Donations

Base on your interest, you can make some donations to Any charity of you prefer. Doing this is made easy by Selflerry.

If you are interested in making money sharing photos, videos or streams, download Selflerry app with the link below.

Now,  give your ambition as a photographer a good shot. Download Selflerry apk latest version  and start earning money sharing photos,  videos and others.  


Maxthon Browser Review Free Download - Fast and Secure Browsing Apk

Maxthon browser review free download

Maxthon Browser Review Free Download is all about the web browser created by a Chinese technology company. It is popularly known as Maxthon Ltd.

The Maxthon Web Browser company is located in Beijing, China which means it is a Chinese browser.
Windows, macOS, Linux and Android mobile phone users can enjoy the freeware.

Maxthon Mobile Web Browser for Android, iOS, also supports devices indicating as Windows Phone 8

Additionally, it fully supports two web browser engines - WebKit and Trident.

Some Browsers Bring About Virus on Some Browsers Users but Maxthon Browser doesn't  virus your phone.

Rather, it only promotes free alternative internet browser and browser usage.

A noted security problem with the Maxthon Browser adware has to do with its sending of  irritating programs, malware, and other malicious threats while using.

Maxthon Web Browser Version 5.1 Supports Windows XP

As of today, browsers developers have subtracted Windows XP users from their program. For instance, Firefox no longer support Windows XP. The software supports before.

Good news!

Maxthon Version 5.1 on Windows XP is the same as that for Windows 10 giving a full support for maximum functions.

Download and Install Maxthon Browser below 

Majority of web browser users prefer using Google Search that comes with their phones rather than downloading web browser apk because they are afraid of get their mobile device affected by virus.

Download Maxthon Web Browser Latest Version 

As a result of the fact, Maxthon Browser Review Free Download is done to clarify the nature of the app which will never affect your phone with virus.

Puffin Web Browser Pro Apk 2019 - Download The Fatest and Secure


Download Puffin Web Browser Pro Apk 2019 version if you need a web browser app that has capability of incredible page load with super fast speed, supporting Adobe Flash but only on Android 4.4 upwards.

That can download to cloud a file that is up to 1G. Smart support for Add-on functions such as Pocket, Evernote, Facebook, translator. Importantly, puffin browser has the fastest JavaScript engine and Incognito tab with whose function you can erase your browsing history.

Needs for The Wicked Fast Web Browsers like Puffin 

Using but only the fastest web browser is the joy of browsing. It makes your online experience really fun and interesting.

Nothing is as bad as getting tired while trying to open pages online. Compare to when your pages opening is skyrocketing and super fast.

In this means, here is one of the best web browsers that are trending in 2019.

Puffin Web Browser Pro is The Fastest, Secure and Safest Portable Apk for Browsing.

More Features about Puffin Web Browser Pro Apk 2019

  • Rocket Speed: Puffin makes users' browsing really speeds up. As it ensures shifting of the workload from the resource-limited devices directly to the cloud servers. This process enables the resource-demanding webpages to load faster while browsing.

  • Bandwidth Saving: Puffin is really capable of transmitting web data directly to your phone or iOS. To do this, the web browser is built with proprietary compression algorithm. With the feature, it is capable of saving bandwidth up to 90% of your browsing.

Download Puffin Web Browser Pro Apk 2019 with the link above and enjoy unlimited data saving, wicked fast, cloud protection and get accurate Adobe Flash player support. 

The Best Android Games of All Time - Final Fantasy XV Download Now

the best Android games of all time Final Fantasy XV

If you like to catch some fun from now on with games, you definitely need to check these best Android games of all time - Final Fantasy XV

Certainly, your fun will be unlimited since it's one of the best games of all time. Even though, they are not hacked games that you won't be be able to play without issuing payment.  

In nutshell, the game in question here is free available for downloading at your convenience.

Among them are action games and puzzles ones as well as games of adventure.

The major reason why you are going to recognize this game app as one of the best Android games of all time is here. It seizes to get stale despite the number of years it has spent after its time of inventory.

It is truly evergreen games as game lovers around the world - USA,  UK,  Canada, Nigeria still love it. Dream of having it installed on their android phones is still on.

Yea, fun lover,  I'm hereby introducing this game to you for downloading. It never get older and it will remain evergreen at all time. 

You know what? It doesn't matter how often you play this game, you will never get tired or bored playing it. 

Check out and welcome one of  The Best Android Games of All Time -  Final Fantasy XV

The most incredible fact about Final Fantasy XV is that regardless how interesting it is, you won't pay a dime to download it. It is a free game.  

As a result of this, you get to just go ahead and have it installed on your smartphone. It's amazingly being called a Pocket Edition as it really looks to be attractive on small screens.

Moreover, its contents will get you more closer to lots of challenges solving tasks that will be getting tougher as levels progress. Wheras,  this is a fun of game. 

Point to note about this Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is that it's only its first out of ten levels that offers free access. Means that the others are paid levels. 

If you're interested in downloading and installing this amazing game on your phone device:

The love of games doesn't just happen, something meaningful must have led to it, therefore, it is enjoyable to find out the best Android games of all time in which Final Fantasy XV is one of them.

Tecno Camon 11 Pro - 2019 Specs Reviews 24MP Al Clear Selfie

TECNO Camon 11 Pro is released to be a stronghold to the TECNO Camon 11.

Tecno Camon 11 pro

Both smartphones are successors to the TECNO Camon X and X Pro devices that were unleased ahead of them.

Camon 11 Pro comes with similar features with the TECNO Camon 11.

Though, there must be some difference which comes as adjustment done to RAM, internal storage, processor and camera. These features were all upgraded.

According to the look that the device carries in term of design, phone users may perceive that it's manufactured from Glass. Actually, it is polycarbonate from diamond fire material.

Weight of the device is calculated to be 158g and measures 156.65 mm *75.95 mm * 5.6 mm in dimension.

Wherefore, it possesses a beautiful, stylish and fashionable 18:9 aspect ratio joins side bezels and a slight chin at the bottom.

Let’s have a brief look at what the TECNO Camon 11 Pro has for its users to enjoy:

TECNO Camon 11 Pro Key Specs

  • Android 8.1 Oreo with 6GB Of RAM

  • 6.2-inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 720 x 1520 pixels

  • Octa-core 2.0GHz, Mediatek Helio P22

  • IMG PowerVR GE8320 GPU

  • Features 64GB built-in storage

  • 16MP + 5MP rear camera and 24MP Selfie camera

  • It has 3,750mAh non-removable Battery

TECNO Camon 11 Pro Camera Review

Checking out its cameras, great things to be noted.

Exactly the way the TECNO Camon 11 has two cameras at the back and single camera for front shots, so the TECNO Camon 11 Pro has. 

The one on the back is equipped with 16MP + 5MP dual camera setup along with Quad-LED flash.

Features noted on the camera include AI HDR, AI Portrait mode, AI Selfie, superpixel, AI Beautification and so on.

Right for nice selfies, the single 24MP AI camera makes the shots accurately okay.  There is also an LED flash attaches to the selfie camera for low light shots takes.

Now move to its battery capacity as we know battery is life of any phone.

Tecno Camon 11 Pro Battery Capacity - Fast Charging

Tecno Camon 11 Pro is built with a 3,750mAh battery.

Moreover, this device powered up with MediaTek’s fast charging technology – MediaTek Pump Express.

Simply means you get a full charge in just 2 hours right from 0%.

Connectivity Features

From the connectivity aspect, the mobile device is noted to have dual 4G LTE, 3G and 2G, Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi and WiFi direct, Fingerprint Sensor, FaceID, WiFi hotspot, 3.5mm audio jack, USB On The Go.

All these above listed features are added to the phone in terms of connectivity. 

TECNO Camon 11 Pro Hardware and Software

From the device is a Mediatek Helio P22 SoC that is an Octa-core processor built on the TSMC 12nm FinFET production process.

It is an important generational upgrade for mainstream devices that gives all the MediaTek Helio P22’s advanced specs including sweet acquitance.

At the same time, certify a new bar in long battery-life smartphones.

The fresh chipset is suitable for 20:9 ratio HD+ (1600 x 720) resolution displays which grants huge balance related to sharpness and power-efficiency.

This is supported by IMG PowerVR GE8320 GPU.  It stirs up to a speedy 650MHz, and potent octa-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU operating up to 2.0GHz. 

The vast performance of this latest chipset in its low-photography with AI-capability.

ARM Mali-G71 MP2 GPU does handle gaming with 6GB of RAM certain everything works perfectly.

There is only one storage availability in the device and that is 64GB.

Notwithstanding,  you may extend the storage further. It can be done using the MicroSD slot on board.

You may use up to 256GB SD card.
Android 8.1 Oreo runs on the device with HiOS 4.1 on top.

Price And Availability of The Tecno Camon 11 Pro

The TECNO Camon 11 Pro was officially launched in Nigeria at Lagos. Done on the 19th November, 2018.

So, regarding its availability, the device must be in stock after a week to the time it was launched.

Probably, it is costs about $195 - $200 - which is roughly N72,000 - N75,000 in Nigeria money.

TECNO Camon 11 Pro Full Specifications


  • Dimension: Height: 156.65 mm *Width: 75.95 mm*5.6 mm

  • Material: Diamond Fire

  • Weight: 158g

  • Colour: Nebula Black

  • SIM Dual SIM: (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)

  • Type: IPS LCD Capacitive touchscreen

  • Size: 6.2-inch

  • Screen Resolution:  19:9, HD+ 720* 1520 pixels

  • Multi-touch: Yes

Software and performance
  • Operating System: Android 8.1 Oreo

  • Chipset: MediaTek Helio P22, Octa-core 2.0GHz

  • IMG PowerVR: GE8320 GPU

  • RAM: 6GB RAM

  • Internal Storage: 64GB

  • Card Slot: Yes, up to 256GB

  • Primary: 16MP + 5MP with Quad-LED flash

  • Secondary: 24MP with LED Flash

Network and Connectivity
  • WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot

  • Network 2G: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

  • 3G: 2100 MHz

  • 4G: LTE

  • Bluetooth: v4.2

  • USB microUSB 5 Pin

  • Loudspeaker : Yes

  • Audio Jack 3.5mm

  • Sensor: Gravity, Proximity and Light Sensor


  • Capacity: 3,750 mAh, non-removable

  • Type: Li-Polymer

  • Fast Charging: Yes, MediaTek Pump Express

  • OTG Support: Yes

Price and Availability

  • Possible Price: N72000-N75,000

  • Availability: Available

TECNO Camon 11 Pro Design And Display

Camon 11 Pro is really attractive and worth to be checked out. The device is designed in a glowing diamond fire design. Just like the Huawei Nova 3i and TECNO Phantom 8.

The Camon 11 Pro and the Nova 3i look identical when it comes to camera placement and functions.

Consider how the Flashlight, fingerprint scanner and the Brand logo are stationed - likewise identical. 

The notch up top housie the necessities like the front facing camera, speaker grill, proximity sensors.

What is more; there is  a fingerprint sensor for biometric verifications/authentications and a dual rear camera with Quad-LED flash. They are located at the back of the device.

TECNO Camon 11 Pro is available in the Diamond fire design only.

That being so, this review on Tecno Camon 11 Pro has gone far in helping you to decide whether android phone is for your liking. 

Ipvanish Download Apk Software - Install for Internet Security 2019

IPVanish download apk is a trend that bloggers and other internet users are searching online now.  Then,  this content is here to answer the search query.  

Ipvanish download apk

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Ipvanish Download Apk Software Links 

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IPVanish VPN Publisher's Description

  • Truthful Shielding from One Perfect Package
The VPN software and VPN apps can be trusted for a robust suite of privacy tools features with very nice and suitable design. It also maintains simplicity in mind.

As you get this app, you're entitled to all the heavy-lifting. Which means, you will no longer sacrificing your security for convenience.

What do you do?

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  • Intuitive App
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  • Lightning-Fast Speeds
Being a trustworthy VPN service provider, the fastest connection speeds is provided for nice usage.

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While using the app, you connection won't be throttled your connection. Rather, you max your internet speed like never before.

Just in!

Windows version has been updated to

Key features IPVanish Download Apk  Software VPN

  • User-friendly mobile apps
  • Fast VPN service
  • Secure and Safe Connections
  • Limitless Bandwidth
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  • Avoid censorship filters
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  • Functions on Multiple Devices
  • Customer support 24/7

Why Ipvanish Download Apk Software for VPN Users 

There is no restriction for user if IPVanish VPN is used. It becomes easy for you to explore the internet without censorship.

Majorly, IPVanish VPN gets more than 1,000 anonymous servers across the globe to give you fast, unrestricted internet access.

IPVanish VPN keeps your identity secure anywhere and everywhere in the world. What network you're using is out of question. It encrypts all your traffic to ensure perfect privacy and security.

For being the handy mobile apps, it unfailingly provides security on the go.

It is compatible with iOS, Android, PC, Amazon. No hackers will get access to your personal data including emails, social media and mobile banking information.

Requirements for IPVanish Download Apk Software


The following are requirements;

  • Android 4.0.3 plus

MAC OS X (10.6.8 - 10.9) SOFTWARE

  • The following are the requirements;
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 through 10.9 (64-bit build Intel processor) and higher
  • PowerPC's processors or 32-bit builds not supported

Mac OS X (10.10+) Software

The following are the requirements;

  • Max OS X 10.10 (64-bit, Intel processor)
  • PowerPC processors or 32-bit builds not supported

Windows Software

The following are the requirements;

  • Windows Installer 3.1
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 update KB2468871
  • OpenVPN Tap Driver

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For ipvanish download apk software links, scroll up as it can be seen there. 


Download Mobdro Apk on Android IOS - Watch Football Free 2019

Mobdro Apk for Android IOS is an app that gives you a chance to get acquainted with live football coordinates for nothing. Indeed, you can watch all live football matches from anyplace on the planet when you download Mobdro App.
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In case you're into sitting in front of the TV on your tablet or cell phone, you'll cherish Mobdro. An option in contrast to Kodi, Mobdro searches with the expectation of complimentary video streams on the web and after that feeds them specifically to your gadget.

Simple and available to utilize, Mobdro gives you a chance to watch everything from the news to nature streams. The main catch? It's solitary accessible for Android handsets and tablets.

For whatever length of time that you possess a cell phone or tablet, you can observe every single worldwide game channels. On the off chance that you are not into games, don't stress, there are channels from Cartoon Network to E! Stimulation and even MTV.

On the off chance that you are into motion pictures and arrangement, there are channels like AMC, Mnet, ABC Family, CBS, CNBC and the rest. All Sky Sports channels and Bien Sports channels are accessible for gushing when you download Mobdro App.

Presently you don't have to pay that over the top Cable bills previously getting a charge out of value excitement. All you require is a steady Internet connection, so when you download Mobdro App you will appreciate and love it to the fullest.

There's a free version of Mobdro apk, and a paid version that will give you advertisement free premium adaptation with highlights, for example, ChromeCast bolster.

Once you have a good smartphone or tablet, Mobdro isn't difficult to introduce. 

Here's the means by which you do it.
It would be ideal if you take note of that numerous addons contain content that isn't authoritatively authorized and getting to such substance could be illicit. To put it plainly, if the substance is free, however looks pipe dream, at that point it most likely is.

Trust me when you download Mobdro App, and begin appreciating every one of these stations, you won't pay your Cable TV charges until kingdom comes.

Right away, perceive how to watch Mobdro beneath.

Another extraordinary app that you can use to observe live matches is LiveNet TV app.

Step by step instructions to download Mobdro App

It is very simple to download Mobdro Apk for android or iOS gadgets, all you require is a steady web connection and a competent web program. In the wake of ensuring every one of the prerequisites is finished, make a beeline for the connection underneath to download the Mobdro Apk for Android and iOS.


Once downloaded you would now be able to install the Mobdro Apk by finding where it is downloaded on your telephone, tap on install and run Mobdro to begin getting a charge out of free amusement.

The most effective method to Watch Football Match on Mobdro Free

Open the app, consent to the terms and conditions at that point go to sports icon.

There are numerous games channels on Mobdro Apk pick the one you prefer to watch and contingent upon your language with which it will run.

There are such huge numbers of games channels accessible, you need to know the global channel demonstrating your most loved match.

You will require a fit video player to appreciate live matches on Mobdro, I will recommend you download MX player for Android or iOS.

Tap on the channel to appreciate the free live match on your gadget from anyplace you are on the planet. Like I said before a decent web connection is expected to enjoy watching any channel on Modro, guarantee your internet or web connection is great.

In other way round before you download Mobdro, if your phone cannot install downloaded from unknown source, you have to set the gadget to download and install applications from the unknown source as Google Play store and other apps stores are known and Mobdro is not in any of them. 

However it's a moderately simple process.

- First make a beeline for Settings | Security, and after that ensure Unknown Sources is checked. Tap OK in case you're content with the notice. You'll presently have the capacity to get Mobdro installed on your device.

  • As you might've speculated, Mobdro isn't really accessible on the Google Play store, which means you'll have to look for Mobdro on Google rather or go through the link above. 

  • On the Mobdro site, tap the vast Download catch and you'll see the application's download indicator on your notice screen.

  • Your tablet or cell phone will inquire as to whether you'd get a kick out of the chance to install Mobdro, so click Next and after that Install.

  • That is it. Mobdro is installed and you're prepared to go. You'll approach a scope of substance for whatever length of time that you like.

In the event that it's not your thing, you can erase it like another application.

On occasion, you may encounter the issues of disconnection while enjoying watching live matches on the app, exit the channel and relaunch it.

This is the best way by which you can enjoy to the fullest watching live football coordinate with the expectation of complimentary when you download Mobdro App.

In any case, ensure you utilize 3G or 4G LTE organize for quick spilling and somewhere around 200MB to 400MB of information accessible.