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  How to record screen using VLC
Do you have reason to know how to record screen using VLC? Do you wish to create a video by recording what shows on your PC screen?

This post is for you as it is going to show you how to record your PC screen all free of charge. The method to adopt requires you to have a VLC media player software installed on your PC because it is the only material needed for this task. So, let us go on.

How to Record Screen Using VLC - First Method 

  • First and foremost, have your VLC media player opened. 

  • Click on MEDIA that is located in up place of the player.

  • Then select "Open Capture Device" among the drop down listed options. Press Control C ( Ctrl + C ).

  • You will see "Direct Show" drop down menu, click on it to open the menu. Out of the menu, you are going to have three options, choose "Desktop".

  • Set the "desired frame rate for the capture" to 10.00 f/s and go downward to open drop down menu indicated by "play" to choose "Convert" or you press Alt+O.

  • The next page will open. There under profile click on the last icon that appears after the red wrong sign. 
  • Tick MP-4/MOV.

  •  Select "Video codec" and tick video under it. Set codec as H-264. Input profile name as the name you want to save the video with. Click "create". 

  • Set destination file which mean a folder to where you want the video to save. Name the video again. Then click "Start". 

  • Having clicked started, minimize the VLC media player because your recording has begun once you click "start". 

How to Stop The Recording 

Stop the recording when you are done with it. To do that, bring back the VLC media player to the screen and click on stop icon. Locate the just recorded video to the folder you set for it to save to and play it for checking. You have done a great job. You just created a video.

Another Method On How To Record Your Screen Using VLC 

Screen catching with VLC is genuinely straightforward, and requires only a couple of steps – 

  • Open VLC player, and tap on View – > Advanced Controls. A couple of more catches will show up on the interface. 

  • At that juncture, press Ctrl + C (or, go to Media – > Open Capture Device… ). 

  • In the new window, set Capture Device to "Desktop", and the Desired frame rate to "10 fps" (frames every second).

  • You can set a higher value  on the off chance that you need, however 10-12 fps will make fine and dandy screencasts. 

Tap on the Play button, and VLC will begin demonstrating your work area which is desktop.

Ensure VLC isn't augmented, else all you'll see is a perpetual stream of VLC-inside-VLC windows! 

  • Tap on the Record button to begin recording. You ought to ideally minimize the VLC window with the goal that it doesn't appear in your screencast. 

  • Do whatever you have to appear in your screencast. At that point, reestablish the VLC window and tap on the Record button  again to quit recording. 

  • VLC will naturally save an AVI record in your Videos folder. You would then be able to share or do whatever you need with it. 

Limitations on How To Record Screen Using VLC

There is no real way to utilize your voice in your screencast.

Definitely,you'll need to record your voice independently. Afterwards stream that sound document alongside the work area recording.

  • Tapping on the recording button will then save the sound alongside the screencast. 

  • You can just record your whole work area (Desktop) in RAW format . In other hand, there is no real way to record a piece of the work area.

  • This prompts colossal measured recordings (like in GBs!) notwithstanding for moderately short screencasts.

For littler recordings, you'll need to pack your video utilizing H.264 or WebM. 

My Observation on How To Record Screen Using VLC

Wait, I have to suggest this for better and professional recording.

As of now, VLC shouldn't be your favorite screen recording tool.  Though, it also works.  But for professional recordings go for another tool.

Download VLC for Android offered by VideoLabs

The File Details

Released by: VideoLabs

Version: The Most Recent [3.1.6]

Size: 21.99MB

Period of Release: February 4, 2015.

Last Updated on: May 27, 2019.

Download VLC for Windows 

The File Details 


Size: 38MB

The VLC runs on: Windows XP SP3, Windows 10 and all other various of windows. 

Download VLC Player for IOS 

The File Details 

Version: : Latest 3.1.5

Size: 56.5MB

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