Selflerry Apk Latest Version Download - Earn Money Sharing Photos, Videos, and Streams

download Selflerry apk

The fact that your phone is expensive should be a good reason for you to download Selflerry apk latest version and install on your phone. The purpose is to make money sharing photos or pictures you take with the app.

It is more or less like the app that you get paid for unlocking your phone when it's installed on the phone.

This especially when your phone camera is very good and clear. Why would you just be taking pictures for nothing why you can earn some money for doing so?

Due to my experience, it's not only ladies that are taking shots here and there, guys too are doing such. So, this can be turned to a money making mission accomplished. With Selflerry app, you can monetize your photos taking hobby.

What Is Selflerry?

Selflerry is a social platform meant for monetization of visual content such as pics, photo, video, streamed video. Once you get a new shot, just go ahead and upload it to SELFLLERY and smile to bank to withdraw money.

What Types of Photos or Pictures Are Accepted

There is no need for you to bother about what type of pictures can earn you money. Selfies, food pics, old photos, nature, landscapes, life moments, art, or black and white pictures and so on are more than being okay.

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Do you also know that it doesn't matter if the photos are portraits, full shows or snapshots. If you still have photos or your wedding day, birthday or naming ceremonies share them with friends and followers on Selflerry and make money.

How Selflerry APK Latest Version Works for Money Making 

There are many ways through which you earn rewards of money in form of Cryptocurrency that is called SLY tokens. 

The five major ways are explained below:

  • Earning From Likes

There is a huge reward for getting likes on your posts. When you post a picture and share it to your followers and the like it, you earn. You don't really need to persuade anyone to like your posts. Your posts can speak for themselves and earn tokens for you.

  • Earning From Sharing Photos

Here comes the reason business on Selflerry. There is no difficulty in sharing any visual content on the app. As mentioned earlier, you users can share any of their photos, videos, live-streams.

  • Earning From Your Every Active Activity on Selflerry

Engaging and partaking in all social activities within Selflerry platform makes your rate grow and increase. The result of this is influencing positively your SLY tokens coefficient.

  • Earning From Photos Quests

Quests without number are getting attention of Selflerry users on daily basis. Yes, there are many photo quests that go with valuable and tangible rewards. You too can partake in it after you download Selflerry app.

  • Earning From Photo Contests

Similarly, many contests have been held for users to participate uploading and sharing their most amazing, beautiful, original photos. Download Selflerry apk now and participate in photo contests, to win prizes.

Features of Selflerry Apk Latest Version

Sequence to what this app developer has designed it for, there is still some hope in form of promise that users will be having opportunity to sell their photos in Selflerry stock photo gallery.

What Selflerry Cryptocurrency - SLY Tokens Are Used For

There is absolutely no point in deciding to accumulate SLY tokens without knowing how to turn it to local or favorite type of money. As a result, here are ways of converting or using the tokens:

  • Through Blockchain

We are now in the world of digital currency. This is the type of money that is generalized to everyone in the world. You must have heard about blockchain, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). They are other and similar forms of cryptocurrency.

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After you have accumulated some SLY tokens, you can spend them as you wish on the platform or withdraw them to your Ethereum wallet.

  • Through Donations

Base on your interest, you can make some donations to Any charity of you prefer. Doing this is made easy by Selflerry.

If you are interested in making money sharing photos, videos or streams, download Selflerry app with the link below.

Now,  give your ambition as a photographer a good shot. Download Selflerry apk latest version  and start earning money sharing photos,  videos and others.  

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